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Discover your style.
Rediscover your wardrobe.
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Express yourself with style

What we wear creates a statement, and even starts a non-verbal conversation with those we encounter.

Sometimes you want to say “I’m the boss,” “Take me seriously,” or simply “This is me.” Other times you may want to communicate a feeling – an openness to meeting someone new; joy and optimism with a new phase of your life.

If you have made a recent change and want to express a new role or identity, or just want help defining your signature style, let’s talk. As a personal stylist, my goal is to help create a wardrobe so you look fabulous and feel confident that you will be both seen and heard.

I offer color & style analysis, wardrobe editing, personal shopping, separately or as one transformative package.

Curious? Let’s get the conversation started!

Karima with a client
Karima with a client


What I can do for you

My consultations begin with learning about your style preferences and what you want to achieve – who you want to see when you look in the mirror, and how you want to be seen by those you encounter – whether your managers, direct reports, customers or potential romantic partners.

I then work with you to develop a wardrobe so that getting dressed is easy and makes you feel wonderful. My services range from discovering your personal colors and style, to creating new looks from what you already have, to a complete style transformation.

The process should be fun – we can play with ideas and experiment. My mission is to give you a great foundation, and the confidence to keep developing your wardrobe on your own.

Color and Style Analysis with Karima

01 – Color & Style Analysis

€ 359 (3 hours + guide)

Shine like only you can! Knowing the right colors for your complexion, hair, and eye color and which styles complement your body type and personality will help you look and feel your best, and make shopping more efficient – invest your time and money on finding pieces that flatter you, and that you will wear with pleasure.


Color Analysis: I work with color palettes based on seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these seasons has its unique combination of hue (warm-cool), value (light-dark), and chroma (bright-muted). I use swatches of colors from each season to discover which one harmonizes best with your coloring. Are you considering a change of hair color? Let’s use my hair color chart to choose your most flattering shades.

Color Analysis only – € 129 (75 minutes + guide)

Style Analysis: I believe everyone has unique characteristics that should be accentuated (rather than flaws that need to be corrected), and help clients find the best styles for their body type as well as their personality. Think categories such as dramatic, romantic, classic, natural, or gamine.

02 – Wardrobe Edit

€ 299 (3 hours; excl. travel time)

Being stylish requires a functional, not expansive, wardrobe. Let’s go through your closet and discover which pieces to keep, have altered, or sell/donate. I also take a look at accessories – shoes, scarves, belts, jewelry – they play an important supporting role.

I then create exciting new combinations from what you already own, and identify any new pieces needed to complete your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Edit with Karima
Personal Shopping with Karima

03 – Personal Shopping

€ 99/hour

If you dread shopping or don’t have time to shop, wander around stores and buy nothing or end up with bags of clothes you never wear, let me help you!

I can either accompany you on a shopping trip or go on my own and send you photos with store/size/price information. The planning of what you want to buy is usually done as part of a Color & Style Analysis or Wardrobe Edit.

04 – Style Transformation

€ 1100 (12 hours in 60 days)

Clients often come to me when they want to invest in a transformation to reflect a major change in their life. It could be a big promotion, a return to work after maternity leave, or a re-entry into the dating world.

A style transformation combines all my services into a package where we work together over two months – a transformation can’t be done overnight, and this gives both of us time to experiment and consider.


  • Initial Consultation: We have an initial conversation to discuss your needs (30 min online).
  • Questionnaire: I give you a list of questions to help you think about different aspects of your style – this gives both of us a great foundation to build on.
  • Vision Board: You create a vision board with looks/outfits/styles that appeal to you, either online (e.g. Pinterest) or using magazines.
  • Second Consultation: We meet to discuss your input (1 hour).
  • Color & Style Analysis: We discover your personal color palette, body type, and personality, and define your signature style (4 hours).
  • Wardrobe Rediscovery: Based on your color & style analysis, we go through all your clothes and accessories to create exciting new combinations that express your signature style, and figure out which pieces you need to add to complete your wardrobe (3 hours)
  • Personal Shopping: Based on pre-selected clothes/accessories (4 hours)
Style Transformation with Karima

Gift certificates

Treat someone you know to a stylish experience. Bespoke gift certificates are available for any amount.


What clients say about me

Karima Benamara Portrait

About me

My background

I was born in Washington DC and grew up in the US and Vienna, where I attended an international school; I then received my Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Kent in the UK. Taking a sharp left, I received a Master’s Degree in painting and graphics from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

After a career as an artist, I began working in communications with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and for the UN, while maintaining a creative outlet by writing a style blog and advising friends and colleagues on how to look and feel more confident and stylish.

In 2021, I founded Styling with Karima, further honing my color, body type, and style analysis skills.

I have been interested in style and how it affects one’s self-image and confidence since I was a teenager, and know from experience how a person’s style changes as time, professional development and life impose their changes on one’s identity. I am a Warm Autumn, and dress to reflect my personality – classic, bold, and feminine.

Five Questions with Karima

Q: In your days as a painter, which color were you always reaching for?

A: Cadmium red – intense, bold, bright.

Q: What draws your eye?

A: Street style, vintage fashion, old Hollywood glamor, art, and nature.

Q: Hollywood icon?

A: Grace Kelly – she’s classic and glamorous, confident, sophisticated, and witty.

Q: What do you never leave the house without?

A: Perfume!

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for those interested in style?

A: You make the outfit look fabulous; otherwise they are just clothes.


Get in touch

Feeling inspired? Let’s have an initial chat – just give me a call or write me a note, I would love to hear from you!


Karima Benamara
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Karima Benamara Portrait